James McCarthy

Hi, I'm James, an aspiring Full Stack Developer and Cyber Security Engineer. Welcome to my portfolio of my Code and Projects over the years.

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About me!

I'm James, a mostly self taught teenage coder, fluent in a few langauges listed below, but with a passion for Cyber Security.

My aspiration is to become a Cyber Security Analyst/Engineer far on into the future to help secure peoples virtual lives.

I also run a tech support business for people in my local area

Tech Support

I Also run a Tech Support Business, to make a Support Request, press the 'Get Tech Support' Button in the bottom corner, or use the 'Portal' button Below

Support Portal

My Languages & Tools


Python is my first, and most fluent language.


I use NodeJS to develop self-hosted APIs using Express.


I use HTML + JS as a front end to my Node APIs.


I use Bash as a scripting language for System Administrator Tasks.


I use Git and GitHub as my Source Control Platform (Link to Github).


Alongside Git & GitHub, I use Jira for issue tracking.

Bootstrap CSS

In the websites I create, I use Bootstrap framework to use preconfigured CSS Elements.

Raspberry Pi

To host my LAN Webservers and APIs, I use a Raspberry Pi 3.


Smart Home Control

I've created an API to interface with Hue and other Smart Home Appliances, including a Wake On Lan for a PC.

Server Web Panel

Image Server

A Locally hosted method of transfering images to and from devices.

GitHub Repo

InstLife Game

A Python AppJar game Mimicking the InstCoffee Game InstLife, now called BitLife

GitHub Repo

Check out my GitHub Account


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